Born on 2nd June 1954 & completed graduation in Commerce. From the young age, active in social activities. At the age of 35, i.e. in 1989 elected as a Director of Mahuva Sugar and in the 2nd term in 1993 became a Vice Chairman, and within a short time, he became a Chairman on 27.07.1993 to 23.12.2017. Then again became Chairman from 11.01.2021 and continue as Chairman of the Mahuva Sugar Factory.

In 1990-95 elected as a M.L.A. and became Deputy Speaker of Gujarat State Assembly from 1994-95. In 1999 elected as "Member of Parliament" of 25 MANDVI Constituency for the term. Hold responsibility of "Vice Chairman" of Gujarat State Federation of Co-operative Sugar Factories Ltd., 1995-2001. In the year 2001 he became a "Chairman" and held the responsibility up to the year 2017.

Also hold the Chairmanship of Gujarat State Tribunal Development Corporation, Gandhinagar during the period 1990-1994. Unanimously elected as Vice President of Deccan Sugar Technology Association, Pune and is continue till date.

In December, 2010 nominated as "Director" for SUMUL Dairy, and held responsibility as a "Vice Chairman" from March, 2011 to November 2011, and afterwards holding responsibility Chairman of SUMUL Dairy up to July 2015. On 8th July, 2016, Bharatiya Sugar, Kolhapur had awarded "Life Time Achievement Award". Again became Chairman of SUMUL Dairy from Nov-2020 and continue till date.
Vice Chairman
Born on 2nd February, 1949 and studied B.Sc. Science. Became a 'Sarpanch' of Delvada Gram Panchayat from 1971 to 1997. Elected as a "Director" of Shree Mahuva Pradesh Sahakari Khand Udyog Mandli Ltd. in 1989 and became a "Vice Chairman" in June, 1989 till April 1996. In May 1993 became a "Chairman" of Shree Mahuva Pradesh Sahakari Khand Udyog Mandli Ltd. till June 1993 and again became a "Vice Chairman" of Shree Mahuva Pradesh Sahakari Khand Udyog Mandli Ltd. in June 1997 till July 2015. Again became a "Chairman" from December 2017 to January 2021. From January 2021 to till date he holds the responsibility of Vice Chairman.

Holding responsibility of "Director" in Delvada Vibhag Seva Sahakari Mandli Ltd., since last 30 years. Also, Chairman in Allu Vibhag Rice Mill from 2004 to till date.

Chairman / Vice Chairman in Bardoli Pradesh Koli Samaj from 1980 to 2012.

He is awarded with "Life Time Achievement Award" in September 2019 by Bharatiya Sugar, Kolhapur.

He was election convener of Mahuva Legislative Assembly for seven time.
Born on 1st June 1960, & completed Diploma in Mechanical Engineering in 1983 with distinction.

Started carrier in 1983 with co-operative by joining Rahuri Sahakari Karkhana as "Assistant Engineer", & worked for 08 years i.e. up to 1991, in 1988 passed Boiler Proficiency Exam. 

Afterwards, from 1991 to 1999 worked in 1st Co.op. Sugar Factory of India i.e. Pravara Sahakari S.K. Ltd., for 8 years.  In July 1999 joined in Chalthan Sugar Factory as a "Chief Engineer" up to 2004.

From 2004 to 2005 worked as "General Manager" in Saikrupa Sugar Factory, Shrigonda.

From 2005 to 2011 worked as "Works Manager" with Madhi Sugar Factory.

In August 2011 joined as "Joint Managing Director" and holding the responsibilities of "Managing Director" from April 2012 in Shree Mahuva Pradesh Sahakari Khand Udyog Mandli Ltd. Awarded as "Best Managing Director" in co-operative sugar by Bharatiya Sugar on 28.05.2015.

Also unanimously elected as 'COUNCIL MEMBER" of Sugar Technologists Association of India, New Delhi for the period 2015-2018. Again re-elected for the period 2018-2022 as a "COUNCIL MEMBER" of STAI.

Completed the erection & commissioning of 3500 TCD Sugar Unit & 15 MW Cogen Unit of Utech Sugar Ltd., Sangamner during the period August 2017 to April 2018.

Worked as a "Managing Director" in Shree Valsad Sahakari Khand Udyog Mandli Ltd., Valsad from November 2019 to January 2021.

Again joined as a "Managing Director" in Shree Mahuva Pradesh Sahakari Khand Udyog Mandli Ltd., w.e.f. 02.07.2021